Braving The Cold … With Frisky Ponies

The cold snap finally broke! Everyone was very excited to get outside on Sunday. The geldings ran around and the mares showed their appreciation by bucking at each other. Me, I’m just happy that my nostril hairs aren’t freezing every time I go out to feed them. Yesterday Candace and I even went out for a ride, which was interesting to say the least. She started out on Bella, but after a handful of temper tantrums and attempts to return home, we decided to swap horses, but Johnny was bareback, so we managed to swap tack in someone’s driveway. Unfortunately, the snowbanks were far too soft to use as mounting blocks, so after helping Candace mount, I got to use my acrobatic skills to fling myself onto Bella’s back from the ground. The rest of our ride was somewhat uneventful; Bella quickly realized that with me on her that being a brat wouldn’t be tolerated. We chatted and giggled and enjoyed the balmy 28°. Our own little horsey therapy session. Days like that make all the frozen fingers and toes from the week before worth it.

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