Ice Covered Grounds

Today the landscape is stunning. The trees glisten and the ground shines; a sort of deadly beauty. Unfortunately, this means that despite my morning being free, I can’t ride for fear of one of us breaking a leg. So, instead, I’m sitting here, looking out the window and dreaming about how exactly I might see my dream, of riding up the the 13 original, through. I have had a few ideas how to do this: I could camp out and stop at a few of my friends and family along the way, or I could try to get a horse trailer to follow me and sleep in the trailer every night, or I could find horse barns that would let us rent a stall for the night. Personally, I like the last idea the best. My dad wants me to make sure I go with someone, which makes sense, but finding someone who can leave work for that long and either A. Has a horse they could take to ride with me or B. Wants to follow with a truck and trailer. Another concern is where I should cross the Delaware and the Hudson Rivers. Overall, a good day to sit and ponder. When I finally do end up making the ride, I plan on using to raise money for horses in need. Maybe getting sponsored per mile I ride and blogging about it to raise awareness. If anyone has any ideas: feel free to let me know.

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