Why a Morgan Horse: 6 Reasons

There are many horse breeds out there and I’ve owned quite a few different ones. Right now alone, I have Mustangs, a Paint, a Saddlebred, a Standardbred and my Morgan. So, what makes the Morgan horse the best breed?

1. They are insanely smart.

Everyone know that one horse at the barn that needs everything baby proofed because they’ll open doors or gates or whatnot. In my experience, most Morgans are that horse. While it might be a pain that they’ve escaped or gotten into the grain bin AGAIN, this translates to a horse that knows how to problem solve when you find yourself in a sticky situation out riding.

2. They possess an undying loyalty

Morgans bond very closely to their person. Not that they are bad for people other than their person, but there’s one person that they will do anything in their power for. Examples include: cantering head first into a wall when his rider was trying to see how close she could get him to the rail, attempting to rescue owner who got locked in the grain room, doing a barrel racer turn to it over a jump the rider lined him up poorly for and my personal favorite, attempting to bite and run over when he was cheating on me and I didn’t know it yet.

3. They are so much fun to ride

They are agile and quick and typically on the hotter side, which means you can ride for hours. The ones I’ve known were all very brave and fantastic to take on trails or over jumps. Speaking of jumps, they practically soar over them. They are very athletic.

5. They are the perfect height.

They are real enough and stocky enough for adults to ride, but not a pain to mount from the ground. Galahad, I can even mount bareback without help.

6. They tend to be easy keepers

I also love TB’s but along with their height, they bring ferocious appetites. Galahad eats no grain (hay only), where my last TB ate 4qts of grain twice a day.

Photo credit to Jenny Irish

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