Does Size Really Matter?

These days everyone is looking for skyscraper horses. I swear more than half the ‘In Search Of’ ads I see, say ‘must be 16.2h+’. I’ve even seen ones that call out 19h as an upper limit, as if being taller than 19h is something they need to worry about. Let’s face it, horses today are much larger than they ever were in the past. The mongols conquered a vast amount of land on ponies so short their feet almost dragged. Sure, humans are also larger now, but now we don’t ask horses to carry armor anymore either. At 5’3, I can still comfortably ride a 13.2h pony (and jump 3ft+). Lady, said pony (also a Morgan), is shown here below jumping roughly 2’6″ – and no I haven’t grown in height since I was 12.

I’ve even ridden a 12.2h pony without feeling like I was going to crush her. So, if I vary things linearly, inch per inch, assuming that my ideal horse is about 14.2h (though I feel very flexible about this) someone 5’7 would only need a 15.2h horse and someone 6ft would only need a horse that’s 16.3h. Overall, people today seem much more concerned with size and appearance than they are personality and heart. I don’t mean the personality that’s so broken that they are simply obedient, I mean a real personality that you have a connection to. That bond is what makes riding what it is.

Please excuse my terrible form from years ago in these photos – Note: this was he biggest I had ever jumped (3’9″)

Photo Credits to William Gregory

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