Making That Connection

A work colleague of mine is looking into starting an animal sanctuary that focuses on using the animals for therapy. Ideally, he’s hoping to get involved with our local women’s prison and get the inmates involved with animals to better their lives. I had heard about this type of thing previously, but I had never done much research on it.

According to what I read, there is often a significantly greater chance of inmates staying out of prison when they work on a farm as part of their sentence. The state of Wyoming has them work with wild mustangs as a means to reduce the wild herd populations and get them adopted out.

Below I will post links to the pages I read about this, but I wanted to write about this topic to ask a question:

Who else is interested in helping out with getting something like this implemented here in NH?

Photos are of a mustang I had the pleasure of working with.

Photo credits to Jenny Irish

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