My Top 5 Favorite Horse Breeds

To preface this one, I live in New England, and all of the horses named are breeds that I’ve actually ridden and owned.

1. Morgan

Obviously, since I wrote a whole piece on how much I love Morgans, this was a no brainer. I really love their intelligence and desire to please. They are also quite athletic and have a go button, which is something I enjoy. They are incredibly versatile and are capable in any discipline.

2. Saddlebred

I grew up riding saddlebreds, and while I absolutely understand that they aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, I really like an up headed horse and they also really like to please. A lot of the foundation stock of the saddlebred breed can be traced back to thoroughbreds, so they are also quite athletic. They also have quite a go button, which as mentioned before, is something I quite enjoy. They are also quite versatile and can excel in anything from saddleseat to jumping or even western.

3. Thoroughbred

Thoroughbreds are the the Royalty of athleticism. They have a tendency of being hot, which can be fun and they typically have a very comfortable gait and a fantastic work ethic.

4. Arabian

The horses I started riding as a kid were all Arabians and Arabian crosses. They are small and agile, athletic and spunky. The only thing I don’t enjoy is how often they tend to be spooky.

5. Quarter Horse

My first horse was a quarter horse cross and I find that the quarter horse adds a bit of sometimes needed substance and quiet that the other breeds can occasionally lack. While I do like my hot horses, sometimes it they need some tempering. Quarter Horses can be stubborn and difficult, but I’ve found they will really give you their heart if they like you.

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