5 Photos That Prove Horses Are Far More Patient Than We Are


This first photo seems innocent enough, but what you don’t realize is how much time I spent in her face trying to get just the right picture. Thankfully she really loved attention, but I swear that in just this one photo shoot with her, I learned how to be a paparazzi. Hahaha


I love this one because you can see him thinking. To me it says: ‘What ARE you doing, human?’ Or ‘Can I Help you?’


This one is a clear case of multitasking. He’s surprisingly wonderful about dealing with not necessarily having my undivided attention. I wouldn’t really blame him if he had decided to take advantage of this one.


This one again seems pretty innocent, but he was so so good for this. He stayed posed like this for several minutes while I took a bunch of photos. I swear he loves being a model and most of the photos I take of him have perfect little pricked forward ears.


Clearly here he’s quite unimpressed. Haha He really tolerates quite a bit from me as I ham it up for the camera.

In reality, the really ridiculous things aren’t what you have time to pull out a camera for. As a child I remember strapping a sled to my pony because we didn’t have a sleigh. Just as a side note: sleds travel faster that the horse when headed down a hill. I also managed to lasso a fence post while cantering full speed past it. I learned to leap frog onto my pony’s back and so much more that. They put up with so much stuff that I can’t imagine dealing with. I just know that I would make the worst pony.

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