You Might Be a Horse Person If: Car Edition

1. You cluck at cars in front of you when the light turns green.

Perhaps I have a tad more road rage than the typical person, but this one happens to me daily. Whether I cluck at them or say ‘come on, get up’ I generally talk to other drivers as if they are a horse.

2. You say ‘Woah’ when your friend is driving and the Really should already have hit the brakes by now.

Unfortunately, I know this one pisses off a lot of of my friends and family, but it’s the first thing that comes out of my mouth. I mean, how fast can you say ‘Hold up, there’s another car coming’? Or ‘hey, the guy ahead of you just hit his brakes hard while you were staring out the side window’?

3. You have at least one lead rope in every vehicle you own.

I didn’t even realize this was a thing. It certainly wasn’t conscious, but recently a friend pointed it out to me: ‘how many lead ropes do you have?’ I find that I leave them in the car after the dog has been to the vet or what not, because why would I ever own a real dog leash when I have horse leads?

4. You know exactly how many bags of shavings you can fit in your little 4 door sedan.

7 actually

5. You can always find hay in your car, even after it’s been cleaned.

I’m pretty sure there is hay in every I own, but the car is the worst since I haven’t hesitated to throw hay bales in the trunk or back seat before.

6. You duck for low hanging branches.

Without fail. It doesn’t even process that it won’t hit me in the head.

7. Your barn is cleaner than your car.

My car is the biggest disaster ever – So many empty Arizona Iced tea cans. I can just feel disappointment in me when people look at it, but hey I have a clean tack room!

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