Why Do We Mount From The Left?

I thought this was an interesting little bit of information.

In the past, people rode horses with a sword attached to their hip. At the time everyone was right handed (whether you were born that way or not – thanks to the church). A right handed person would wear their sword on their left hip so there was more space to draw your sword. So, when mounting a horse, you didn’t want to lift your heavy sword up and over the horse and mounting from he left made sense. Today it’s just still a thing and people generally assume it’s for the horse’s benefit.

Another interesting thing related to swords. This is also why most places (Brits and some previous British territories excluded) drive on the right side of the road: so it’s harder to attack a someone passing by.

It’s also why spiral staircases in castles spin counter clockwise (looking down at them). So the defending side (presumably at the top of the tower) had the advantage of being able to swing their sword and arm properly rather than have it get stuck against the center pole of the stairs.

I hope you enjoy the fun facts today.

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