Horse Dreams

I saw today that someone I know lost their pony and this made me think back on all the horses I’ve lost. The ones that died very old seemed to have gone peacefully, but the two my family has lost to colic sent me dreams.

Now, I’m not sure if these dreams are things that my subconscious has done to help my through things or whether it’s related to something more spiritual. I’d like to believe it’s the second, but without further ado, here they are:

The first time a horse sent me a dream, I was 12. I woke up in the middle of the night and ran to my parents room. I told my mom that I had a dream where one of the horses was sick – she told me it was just a nightmare and I went back to bed. The next morning I awoke to find that, the horse that was sick in my dream, was in fact sick and that it was too late to save him. By the time the vet showed up, his kidneys had failed and we had no other option but to have him put down. This experience was heartbreaking, but it taught me to trust in dreams.

The second time a horse sent me a dream, it was the night after I had to have her put down. In the dream, I watched everything happen like it had the day before from her perspective. I watched the vet push the plunger in and I closed my eyes, but when I opened them, there was something new. Suddenly, everything was green and warm again, unlike the cold grey of winter that day had been. I (as her) ran around the property with joy. I caught a glimpse of myself (her) in the window and she looked like she did when she was 6, not 20 and struggling with laminitis.

I’d like to believe that she sent me a glimpse of what what the other side of the of the rainbow bridge is like; that she was letting me know she was happy now.

I’m wonder how many other people have had experiences like this. If you have, feel free to share your story with me.

2 thoughts on “Horse Dreams

  1. Touching…somehow most of us who love horses seem to lean toward the romantic side of things. I prefer to think it is because of the horse/human connection. It’s a chicken/egg kind of argument. Do horses cause those feelings or do we seek horses because of those feelings?

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  2. For me, it’s not in my dreams. For me it is the gift that follows the death of my horses.
    The first horse I lost had been a rescue horse, an Appaloosa/Percheron. He had been badly abused and it took him a while to trust, but 3 years was all I had. I not only had trust from him, I had a beautiful Dressage horse that brought me blue ribbons. After he passed, my heart was broken, but then a beautiful Clydesdale came into my life. It was a clear message that he was my gift from my App/Perch.
    10 years later, the Clydesdale had a tragic accident and passed away. He was my heart horse and once again, I was broken. But something deep inside told me that he would send me another gift, and he did.
    A beautiful Brabant, 1000 of miles away in a kill pen, was saved. One of my clients saw him and helped with his rescue. I was currently on vacation at the time so I didn’t know anything until I returned home. My client told me that she had helped save this horse but he was coming to me. I didn’t understand at first. She told me that he had a home with the main rescuer, but sent that person a letter about my Clydesdale. The rescuer then started a fund me page to ship this horse to me as a gift. I knew immediately my Clyde pulled all the strings.
    Now, 8 months, I am working with my handsome Brabant who is learning to trust me more and more every day. He too has been abused, but will only be loved from now on. Everyone at the barn can not get over how much he reminds them.of the Clyde, but I see some of the App/Perch too.
    Thank you for your story and letting me share mine.

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