Sam: Day 1

To start: Sam is an ~8 year old mustang gelding. According to my neighbor, who owns him, he was born in captivity to previously wild parents. He was then adopted by a family that was scared of him and a few owners later, at age 2, he was adopted by my neighbor with whom he lived for 5 years as a paster pet. While he’s quite friendly, it is unclear how much training he has had.

Day one of attempting to work with Sam was interesting. To start, he was quite pushy in hand. My goal was just to brush him on the cross ties, knowing that he would not have been cross tied in at least the last 5 years. All I managed to get done was a quick brush off with a hard brush while he was fidgeting. The fidgeting alone, was expected and I corrected him simply by asking him to move back to where he should be. Unfortunately, this quickly devolved into him throwing sudden temper tantrums – he managed to break 3 halters break away during this session alone, but after several of these freak outs, he calmed down a little and I let him quit for the day. While, it wasn’t a lot accomplished, I felt like it actually helped us when we got to day two.

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