All the Saddles: I May Have a Problem

Have any of you looked up saddles on the Facebook Marketplace? There’s really a mix of people selling things on there. You have people who know horses and others who don’t. Of the ones that don’t, you have people who price items through the roof or dirt cheap.

I’ve found that I seem to be pretty talented at navigating it and I’ve helped numerous friends find good saddles that fit what they need for fairly inexpensive. Unfortunately, I have spent far too much time doing this and as a result Facebook now notifies me every time anyone in a 40 mike radius posts a saddle.

When they are priced particularly low, I can’t always help myself. “What? A $50 Stübben? Yes please” Usually, the person doesn’t mention the brand, but growing up around saddles, I can tell. I don’t even bother to ask the size half the time – I’m too excited about the awesome find.

Now it seems I might have more saddles than shoes. Half of which don’t fit me or anyone I live with, but hey, I have some nice saddles, right? I should probably turn off Facebook… or not have my phone attached to me … or both.

But if anyone is looking on tips for finding nice saddles, that might just be one of my next posts.

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