Sam and Teddy

I haven’t written for a long time. In the past year, I graduated college, I moved out of my childhood home, my old dog passed, I got a new job, got a puppy (who is down right adorable), and Galahad choked on me (which meant rectal antibiotics and mushy food for life).

In that time, Sam went back to live with his owner and my horses got shuffled moved to a neighbors house (since I now live in an apartment).

Unfortunately, Sam and Teddy’s owner has also since moved and they ended up in a pretty unfortunate situation with new people where they were without water or hay.

For all those with worries: don’t worry they are still alright. A few lbs lighter (actually not bad in Teddy’s case as he was nearly founder level obese), but still their feisty selves.

As of Saturday, after 2 weeks of worrying, I finally have their papers in hand, and am trying to rehome them. It looks like I have someone who wants Sam, but of course he’s no longer UTD on anything. I’m hoping for some good luck with people coming to see Teddy today. We will see – stay tuned for the outcome to follow.

One thought on “Sam and Teddy

  1. Thank you for taking care and loving them even though they were not your’s. I wish I could take them but unfortunately can not. You will find a great home for them I’m sure. Bless you❤️

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